Sunday, February 20, 2011


So, finally here I am.. With my 1st road trip to canacona... it came as a nice surprise!!

so. I was in Nerul at ma uncle's place, at abt 8pm when i got a call from Gaja.. "Planning 4 a roadtrip 2m.
Comin??" Navin n Neil's plan... butterfly islands!!
Was really excited coz I'd never been 2 this place before!! came 2 know its somewhere between Palolen n Agonda. ie. deep south!! so, for that, I had to come home all d way from panaji at night in the chilling cold. . . Still.. Decided to go 4 it.. left from Nerul at abt 11pm after dinner Reached by 12.30.. Peace!!
Next morning.. Super excited!! Got up at 7.. Prepared n packed some water n clothes n left for Gaja's place at 8.45am.. He was just brushing his teeth thr.. :-) so, waited 4 him to get ready, by then just asked Mrinal (immediate neighbor/ school friend) if he's coming along.. He nodded.. Without telling parents where we're heading for, he just stuffed his clothes n a towel in my bag.. N 3 of us started d journey :-) as we headed towards balli where we were suppose to meet the rest of the ppl.. Speeding through the truck packed roads we crossed Quepem.. From there, cruising on the free open lanes we reached balli in no time :-) :-)

parked d bikes besides d gram Panchayat bldg n waited 4 d rest of d group.. Just then, i noticed 1001km
on my odo :-) :-) cheers.:)

In abt half n hour, Jd n Neil appeared on a HH glamor :-)
No Navin!! poor guy was down with fever. :-( missed u buddy..
So, 5 of us, me n Neil on my pulsar, Gaja n Mrinal on fz16 n jd on his(friend's) glamor headed towards canacona.. Nice n steady, constantly maintaining abt 60kmph.. Randomly overtaking each other we reached d anmod ghat from where we slowed down a bit to stay together as Jd started to get lost in d turns behind us..

Gaja n JD catching up

So, our 1st destination was the butterfly beach/islands located between palolem N agonda beach. .none of us had any clue where it was n how to go thr.. Only Neil had seen some pics of the beach n knew that ppl go thr by ferry..

So, at d end of the anmod ghat, we got a diversion saying agonda beach.. It was abt a km of total off road till we hit a proper tar road.. Heading towards agonda, tried to seek info abt the butterfly beach from locals.. Every1 was showing a different directly.. Riding along every street n diversion we can take we weren't going anywhere.. Finally we saw a gado where we stopped to inquire for d last time.. This is when we got a proper info abt the beach that its out of reach n is not connected by any road..U can either go there by walking abt an hour thru the forest or go thr by small boats. In either u can't take ur bikes ie. We've to keep our bikes somewhere n start walking or take a boat from palolem. :-( so, in that case, we finally decided to just go to palolem only... Butterfly beach some other day :-(
file picture of Butterfly beach

As i started my bike, d heated up engine block blew off my carb joint.. Me n Gaja Being experienced with his prob, cool minded, we fixed it up in a matter of few mins n moved on towards palolem!! (Got it fixed after that, the joint was not locked properly so, came out)..

In no time, we reached the hotspot.. packed with tourists n restaurants n small shops, I decided to park d bikes at my aunts place just next 2 the beach, change n head to the beach (i dint wanted 2 park my bike at the mercy of other ppl n stray cattle)!!

So, as decided, we parked the bikes in the shade n changed to shorts!! Had a shot of fresh Nimbu sharbat served by aatya (aunt)!! refreshing!! they have this all all variety of animals at thr place. . just amazing!! apart from cattle n poultry, thr was this dog who kept threatening al of us, a cute kitty n even white mice!! Yeah rite, white mice.. Abt 5 of them!! OMG, they were so cute!! so, after the short distraction we headed 2 the beach...

Awesome beach!! My fav beach in Goa!! Best for getting wet!! clean water, superfine sand.. sea almost flat so u don't have to worry of getting drowned.. plus you get lots of nice birds playing in water around u for free!! ;-)

Palolem Beach

Spent abt an hour in the water.. it was abt 2pm. Every1 was damn hungry.. so moved fast back to aatya's place!! they've this well right in thr house just next to their open bathroom.. switch on the pump n u get fresh cool water flowing thru the pipe!! super cool!! cleaned the sand, had a proper bath.. stuffed the wet clothes in plastic bags n ultimately in d bag.!! aah, now have to seach a nice place to fill our mammoth bellies!! :) so, decided to move towards the highway as the beachside food was too costly!!

thanked aatya n left fast.. was damn hungry ya!! soon we hit the NH17.. n just at 100m, we got this Mangalore Hotel!!

Fingers crossed hoping that we'll get what we wanted!! went thru d menu checking the price.. good enough.. took a table n started deciding on what to order.. thats where we came acros the last page of the menu where thr was a list of dishes avilable in kgs n not per plate!! EXACTLY what every1 wanted!! ordered soft drinks 1st n then ½ kg of Chicken chilly n ½ kg of chicken Manglori.. loads of roties n two plate fried rices!! zakkas!! food was really tasty.. finger licking!! tummy khush!! :-)

time for some rest!! wanted a shady place to lie down .. n what better you can get than Goa's only 7star hotel, HOTEL INTERCONTINENTAL!!

parked the bikes in shade near the beach n took much needed rest for abt 20 mins.. Refreshing!!
Jd had to get back to Panaji, so packed all riding gears n started the return journey by 5pm.. n zooooom!!
back home by 6pm!! btw, had Rassa-omlet on the way in Balli :-)

so, thanks guys for the trip!!
will see u soon here..!!

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