Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Mech Night-ouT..!!!

free from Internals and..... here we go....

18th March

11bikes, 2 cars..
3 pulsars(220, 180,150), 3 dios. a twister, a gladiator. a hunk, a splendor NXG, a duro, a Fusion n a WagonR!!

32 buddies...
Me, Manzil, Jaipal, Jannu, Adithya, Gaja, Vedu, Utkarsh, Daryl, kaushalendra, Raj, Darshan, Joyton, Roshobh, Ankit, Abhijeet, Amol, Bhramha, Kingsley, Brian, Blonde, Kaushal, Sushant, Keefe, Ashton, Gogo, Abhinay, Manesh, Kedar, Gautam, Sagar and Achintya!!

It was a plan pending from a long time.. it was a perfect time 2 exectute the idea to get relieve from supertight schedules packed with torque, genesis, centralised ITs, blitz... we badly needed it..
the destination was quadra..

every1 assembled at abt 5.30pm infront of Hostel 4.. Joyton went thru the checklist quickly... he told what to collect from whr to concerned ppl.. a fleet of 9 bikes(two joined later) and 2 cars were all set to take on the heat!!
a group of 6 bikes headed for Quadra as 1st lot, to clean the place, setup a place to sit and gather some firewood for the campfire!! so, we zoomed to quadra in no time..

 all superexcited.. collected a heap of firewood.. othrs coudn't stop the erge of waiting for othrs n jumped in the water....... only to last the fun for few mins... when a group of locals came to us saying we cant stay here 2nite, as they've to perform some rituals thr on the bank of the river as it was  day before shigmo.. :-(..... something related to devchar, so cant argue... ask Mr. Utkasha for more details!!

so, all the preparation had gone to dogs :) !! had to pack up everything n move from there.. by then, the two cars n others had also reached the place.. it was almost 7 that time!! dark!! not a good start..

recalculations... what other option we have.?? Beach.?? initially not considered to avoid the problem of police patroling at night.. bt now, in the dark(the moon wasn't completely out that time), our only option was a beach!! sernabhatim or Rajbag!! Rajbag was too far considering the time limit. so we decided to move 2 sernabhatim, check out the situation thr n just in case any probs with d patroling party, we'll move to rajbag!! Done!! It was decided to devide the expenses of petrol.!!(dunno what happened 2 it later ;) )

1st stop was a petrol pump as many ppl were low on fuel including me.. so, starting the journey with a very slow pace,(the road too was bad for a stetch of few kms) n we finally hit the highway.. regrouped on the 1st petrol pump!!

Then onward we just blazed through the traffic on the highway (though for a km, we had to move with snails pace coz of traffic conjestion) to reach margao n ultimately to sernabhatim (missed out on few turns thou)!!

it was super fun cruising through the colva traffic.. there is quote saying "Sometimes the best communication happens when you're on separate bikes." yeah!! chatting, making fun of each other,  overtaking each other randomly leading the way.. Kingsley n Brian too joined the party from margao onwards.. Joyton on his duro, with a bucket filled with ice was splashing the ice cold water on others... :) :) seriously, the last 5 km was gr8 fun!!

1st thing, asked the locals on the shops abt the police problem.. thumbs up, problem clear!! :-)
unloaded all the stuff from the car... speakers, buckets of ice, al the bags, food containers, soft drink bottles n marched towards the beach in search of open place away from sheks to avoid d noise issues...
got a nice place soon whr we kept our bags n al other stuff we'd got! it was time to connect the speakers n d amplifier n start the the party!! it took few tense mins to make the connections and we were off... :-)

Full volume.... BooM BooM :-) :-) "Infinity"...... "stereo Love"..... "Club cant handle me" n some awesome songs with killer beats  . . . . .here onwards.. few words.. more pictures.. it was all abt moving ur body the way u want with the rhythm.... .

 also "Sheela... Sheela ki jawaani. . ./ Reena. .  Reena ki jawwani.." ;-) whatever it was.. it was a gr8 time teasing ur buddies...

however, it was soon taken over by Lorna... "Ho mando goycho khoro.. Nachung kitlo boro.."  followed by others...

n yeah... d special song..."Yo Bayle Yo.. Soro Mhaka Di Poylo..." :-) :-) Absolutely ANY goan will dance on this tune for sure....

There were such awesome spells of crazy dancing with some breaks for refuelling ... :-)

Ahem Ahem!! what's that??

N some mecho specials...


the "MaaRi" Dance

And then.. The Sensation... Out of no-where... (my personal fav part of d 9t)... A crazy ball by Mr. Joyton n Miss Manesh.... :-) :-)

some were busy with thr own personal entertainment!! ;-)

n ya... the Great Comedy / Mimicry show by KD n Kaushal... ROFLMAO :-) :-) what to say abt that.. just awesome!!!

by then, it was almost 11pm.. every1 were super hungry.. they had got fried rice (both veg n chicken), Chana Masala n Chicken!! food was good but the quantity was quiet less. it finished in no time!! most of us were retired from d dance floor.. it was time for some rest and a long spare time till the dawn... lying in the sand. enjoying the bright moonlight... 

mid night!! it was all quiet.. peaceful.. everyone were enjoying the lullaby of waves and then suddenly Mr. Joyton again stood up.. it was a HIGH time.. he gave a brilliant speech on TE Mech guys n why he admires them..... it was a long one pointing out each n every member....

later, time just flew without notice.. some were playing volleyball, some were already in deep sleep.. i went for a long walk along the shore with some pals... while coming back, we also had a 2-3 short sprints among us to see who's still in working condition ;-).. I ran like this after years i guess.. almost came 1st too :-) :-).... Jannu was astonished 2 see me running like this.. I'm sure he dint expected such burst from me!!

It was an awesome night.. moonlight, great pals, nice music!! what else u need.?  just terrific.. some just lied down in the sand, chatting.. taking some power naps.. we found a nice shade with benches waiting just for us... i never slept thou.. it was 4am without anyone noticing..

time 2 pack up!! every1 in sleep or awake or whatever state they were, took their bags, speakers, buckets n whatever stuff we'd got n came on the road where we had parked our bikes/cars!! stuffed everything in d boot of the cars n were were off...

dunno when but i injured my elbow badly that night... so, I handover the bike 2 gaja to drive al the way back to hostel.!!
Empty road.. nice cool morning breeze.. best time 2 cover miles in no time!! Zip.. zap.. zoom...!! n we were in the GEC campus... :-) ;-)

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